Goutez Lanaudière

Summer Schedule

From June 24 to Labour Day: Thursday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Note that the activities of certain businesses are seasonal, peaking in the Fall or Winter. These businesses will respect the set schedule, but only for the duration of their busiest period. 

Fall Schedule

Weekends from Labour Day to Thanksgiving for participating businesses

Outside of these periods, it is advisable to call ahead before setting out. Also, many businesses are open year-round; check their individual schedules in seasons other than summer. Businesses on the Chemins de champagne (Country Roads) circuit request that you respect their schedules as posted. These businesses guarantee you a unique experience discovering all kinds of unusual and refined lanaudois produce. The produce sold by the farmers comes directly from their land, or in some cases, from other regional businesses. 

Quality Assurance

The partner-businesses of the Chemins de champagne (Country Roads) circuit are committed to respecting a Quality Charter aimed at ensuring a pleasant visitor experience. If you consider that the service you receive from any of the participating businesses on the Chemins de champagne (Country Roads) circuit is not acceptable, or that a business is not respecting its advertised opening hours, please notify us. Your comments are important to us and contribute to the success of Chemins de campagne!